Workshop on forgiveness, reconciliation and justice

8 March 2014 | ResolutionPossible

On Wednesday we visited Queen Mary University’s Mile End campus to present CoDoc’s film on justice and forgiveness in northern Uganda: ‘Forgive me mother’.

Student society New Turn hosted the ResPoss team and CoDoc’s Heidi and Guy to show the film and have the opportunity to reflect on its themes afterwards.

‘Forgive me mother’ explores the thoughts of those affected by the war between the Ugandan national army and armed group the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). With this film CoDoc do not intend to provide us with answers, but rather provide an opportunity for people with varying and often opposing views to have their say and be heard.

2014 Forgive me mother at New Turn

2014 Forgive me mother at New Turn (2)








After viewing the film, we asked the audience to split into groups. With the help of images we provided relating to the film’s themes, we encouraged the participants to explore their own thoughts. The film raises questions that need asking and thinking about. Does justice automatically heal those affected by the conflict? Is a focus on reconciliation and forgiveness rather than justice enough for those who want retribution for their suffering? What are the cultural discrepancies when a European court tells an African nation how to punish their criminals? Is the warrant blocking the road to peace or making it more feasible now that it has helped bring the conflict to the attention of the international community?

To come to any understanding on these issues, we first need to know what questions to ask. We believe that some of these questions developed throughout this session and we hope to have many more opportunities like these to carry on the conversation.

Thank you to New Turn for hosting the event, thank you CoDoc for ‘Forgive me mother’ and thank you to everyone who attended the session. We would love to share your thoughts with a wider audience on our Perspectives platform, so please do send us anything you’d like to contribute.

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