UCL Global Citizenship Programme – Sustainability in the Strand

6 June 2017 | ResolutionPossible

As part of the Active Citizen strand of UCL’s Global Citizenship Programme, Resolution:Possible is hosting several students for two weeks to learn about what it means to be an ‘active citizen’. Here are some thoughts from the participants about their experiences throughout their time with us.

Steffan Gwynn is an Anthropology student at UCL with an interest in the environment, conservation, and sustainability. 

Last night, we headed down to the Strand to enjoy an evening of short presentations and conversations with members of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (the RSA). While there, we heard about an app that was designed to track your personal carbon footprint and a venture to encourage the use of straw as a building material in the UK, among a number of other projects.

eco buddy app; safety net technologies; sustainable fishing; sustainable development; sustainability; RSA; RSA Engage

From left to right: Terry Clarke’s presentation on LOOP; Andrea Bizzotto presenting the Eco Buddy app; a prototype light designed by SafetyNet Technologies; Nadia from SafetyNet Technologies explaining how the light works in reducing by catch and making fishing more sustainable.

We were invited there along with Marijn from Resolution:Possible, who is herself a fellow of the RSA. The evening was an interesting opportunity to learn about the variety of different ideas, products, and networks that were currently in an advanced stage of development. The theme of the evening was ‘sustainability’, and I was impressed by the variety of what was on offer: from a multi-coloured system of lights designed to compel and repel different species of fish so that the industry might be able to fish more sustainably, to a means of appropriating discarded orange peel into (delicious) chocolate treats and liqueurs.

The evening was a mix of short presentations and fifteen-minute windows that were designed so that we might all talk to one another, which I found to be as interesting as the formal presentations despite not having anything in particular to talk about myself. Instead, myself and others from the programme listened as we were told about the many projects and ventures that were being set up and developed by the professionals around us. An app called ‘Search Party‘ designed by George the Poet, in particular, garnered an avid response from a few of us for whom his name was familiar as the star of a number of hugely popular YouTube videos.

As the evening drew to a close, star-struck, we gathered around George, and took a picture. We talked to him briefly about his new venture, which was to publish poems with a social conscience through the medium of his newly-developed app ‘Search Party’ before it was time to wrap up. Thanks to the RSA, and thanks to Marijn, for a fascinating evening.

george the poet; sustainable development; slam poetry; poetry; search party app

The Active Citizenship students from UCL’s Global Citizenship Programme with George the Poet.

Full list of RSA fellows who pitched at RSA Engage: Creating a sustainable future

George the Poet
Project: The Search Party App

Talia Hussain FRSA
Project: Sustainable Department Store

Eileen Sutherland FRSA
Project: Straw Works

Andy Agathangelou FRSA
Project: Establishing purpose in the pension capital markets

Oscar Rodriguez FRSA
Project: Central London Rooftop Greenhouse Hydroponics School

Lydia Dutton / Terry Clarke
Project: LOOP

Andrea Bizzotto FRSA
Project: Eco Buddy – live more sustainably

David Lourie FRSA
Project: Lucky Peel

Veronica Heaven FRSA
Project: Brief Cases

Nadia Laabs & Dan Watson
Project: SafetyNet Technologies

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