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6 June 2017 | ResolutionPossible

As part of the Active Citizenship strand of UCL’s Global Citizenship Programme, Resolution:Possible is hosting several students for two weeks to learn about what it means to be an ‘active citizen’. Here are some thoughts from the participants about their experiences throughout their time with us.

Lewis Cox has just finished his BSc in Psychology at UCL and hopes to enrol in a MSc in Health Psychology, also at UCL, later this year. Lewis is also interested in human rights issues and sustainability. He hopes to go on to become a higher education researcher and make a positive contribution to the future of our world.

Over the last week, myself and nine other students from University College London (UCL) have teamed up with Resolution:Possible as part of the Active Citizenship programme, which places UCL students with campaigning organisations to provide students with an opportunity to make a difference. We’re given the chance to develop new skills, like networking, communications and strategy, and new understandings of, for example, lobbying, human rights and sustainability.

It has thus far been a fascinating experience into how small campaigning organisations operate. ResPoss promote a style of thinking called ‘critical social consciousness’ where one is aware of the environment around them, caring about the world and being aware that one’s actions, even ‘good deeds’, can sometimes have unanticipated consequences. To illustrate this, one might consider the lumber industry that is removing the Amazon Rainforest in South America. It might be easy to fully condemn the actions of individuals involved, yet a ‘critical social consciousness’ mindset would consider some of the reasons that people work in this way (e.g. because they are aware of few alternatives, yet still need to work for a living).

Whilst we have been learning about the organisation, our main goal has been to contribute to the #ThinkBetter campaign. With this aim in mind, we’ve been taking advantage of all the free-to-access creative spaces in London. On our first day, we met Marijn from Resolution:Possible at the Royal Festival Hall to discuss how we could participate in the #ThinkBetter campaign. Marijn has been extremely welcoming and friendly to us all. She has been guiding our efforts in the campaign and helping us collaborate effectively.

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Myself, left, and some of the other students from University College London brainstorming ideas for the #ThinkBetter campaign.

We have to create a video as part of the UCL programme but we also decided to produce some materials for a social media campaign to take place alongside it. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and working together to solve problems – both practical, in regards to how we shoot the video, and more abstract, such as how we want to portray ourselves and Resolution:Possible.

Author: Lewis Cox

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