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26 June 2017 | ResolutionPossible

Moving office? Don’t miss out on making this a great Corporate Social Responsibility opportunity for your company!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just about giving some money to charity or spending a couple of hours per year helping children learn how to read.

A solid CSR strategy incorporates sustainability and fairness into every aspect of a companies culture and activities. This includes an office move.

Last year, private equity firm Lyceum Capital moved office. As with any move, there were many items such as office furniture, fixtures and waste that needed to be removed from the old office once the company had relocated. To make sure that this was done in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way, they asked The Recycled Assets Company (TRACO) to step in.

TRACO conducts office moves, and provides storage and clearance services with a twist: the assets moved and cleared out of an office are preserved as much as possible with the aim to reuse them. Damaged furniture is fixed at the TRACO workshop in Portsmouth. The workshop offers work experience and paid work opportunities to people who are disabled or disadvantaged, such as long term unemployed or not in employment, education or training. Items that cannot be reused or repaired go to expert companies to be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. TRACO strives to ensure that nothing ends up in landfill.


“Anything placed in a skip has a near to zero chance of being reused.”

– Jason Bentley, Founder of The Recycled Assets Company (TRACO)



Office chairs, desks and storage cabinets, to name a few of the numerous items that often do not get moved into our new office. TRACO expertly moves these off the premises, transports the assets to their warehouse where they are then lovingly restored and sold.

There are always items that cannot be fixed up and sold. Often these items end up in landfill and have the potential to be damaging to the environment if not disposed of properly. Strip lights, for example, contain mercury.

Mercury is a heavy metal that is highly toxic in even tiny amounts and needs to be disposed of by companies who know what they’re doing. The TRACO team has the right network to ensure that these kinds of items go to the correct company to be dealt with.

Companies using TRACO for their office clear-outs ensure that they have a positive social impact and reduce the environmental impact an office move can have.

Is your company moving office soon or are you having a big office clear out? Make sure nothing ends up needlessly in landfills, contact The Recycled Assets Company. You can also sign up to their Recycling Partnerships Agreement, where TRACO will do an audit of your waste streams and offer you free guidance as to how you can improve your green credentials through lowering your carbon impact.

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