The Kony internet phenomenon: What next?

9 March 2012 | marijnlizzy

09 March 2012

We would like to thank Invisible Children for using their skills in filmmaking to get the world’s attention on Joseph Kony. It has certainly propelled into action all the experts, campaigners and academics who have been working consistently but quietly on the situation in Central East Africa.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to bring together the expertise and skills needed to ensure that we are all focusing on the most important issues.

Here’s where we would like to see all this energy directed:


1. Seek out the viewpoints and expertise of civilians and community leaders from the affected regions.

2. Give them a platform to be heard above all the noise.

3. Focus on finding ways of effectively protecting civilians from the LRA and the many other armed groups in the regions.

4. Address the root causes of the conflict and focus on building up the infrastructure and skills needed for economic security in Northern Uganda.


This is our chance to work together to find genuine, sustainable solutions. Let’s make the best of it.


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