Start doing Simple Things and you’ll never stop

3 February 2015 | ResolutionPossible

We have found that throughout the New Year’s Resolution:Possible challenge in January we started looking for more and more ways to do Simple Things. It is strangely addictive!

These were the suggestions for the last few days of the New Year’s Resolution:Possible challenge January 2015. Have a look and see what you can do. Simple Things is not just for the beginning of a new year, to be forgotten and abandoned for the rest of the year. We hope some of these ideas will start a new trend in each of your lives: make considered decisions and take pride in reducing your negative impact.

Simple Thing No.26-Second-hand clothes shopping Simple Thing No.27-Fairtrade-chocolate

Simple Thing No.28-Fairtrade coffee Simple Thing No.29-Conflict free gold

Simple Thing No.30-Broaden-your-horizon  Simple Thing No.31-Help it grow

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