ResPossCast episode 1 – Politics is everything and everywhere

22 August 2018 | ResolutionPossible

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our first ever podcast. A way to learn more about things that you didn’t realise were important, but are in fact very important. Podcasts are great, because they allow us to take our time to talk things through and think things over. Introducing: The ResPossCast.

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With recent local elections around the UK and elections happening all over the world, we asked a few local active members of different political parties what they think about politics, why we should care about it, and why everyone should get involved.

Talking to Resolution:Possible’s Marijn van de Geer are:

Curtis Parfitt-Ford – Active member for the Ealing Liberal Democrats
Krishma Arora – Active member for the Ealing Conservatives Party
Sophie Charman Blower – Active member and secretary for the Ealing Labour Party

The point is this: politics is not just for professional politicians. On the local level almost everyone is a volunteer; the people involved are just normal residents from your area who decided to dedicate some of their free time to help create the changes they want to see in their community.

Everyone and anyone can get involved – if there is something you want to change in the area where you live you can make that happen!

Things go wrong when people aren’t paying attention to what’s happening in their area – people with the wrong intentions are known to be able to get away with a lot when local residents are uninterested in what their council is up to. Don’t let that happen where you live – pay attention, make your voice heard and hold people accountable. Unhappy with something your local council has recently done (change of parking rules, building a new block of flats, selling off a green space)? You could have prevented it by being active in local politics. And don’t forget: if you are paying council tax then you are paying for the council’s decisions!

We hope you enjoy listening to this first ever ResPossCast. We’d love to hear from you so feel free to comment on the podcast page (currently hosted on SoundCloud), join the conversation on social media or send us an email.

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