Resolution:Possible kids’ parties with a conscience

30 June 2017 | ResolutionPossible

Much of our work at Resolution:Possible focuses on helping young people develop a sense of responsibility for people and planet. We run workshops and activities at schools, youth clubs, universities and colleges, and at various events. Now we have a new strand in our Youth Engagement Programme which we are proud to introduce to you for the first time: children’s parties with a Resolution:Possible twist.

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Resolution:Possible children’s parties focus heavily on team work and helping each other out. With so much pressure on young people and a fixation on the ‘self’, we find it crucial that young people learn that life is about community and working together as early on as possible.

Young people have a bad reputation when it comes to caring about what’s going on in the world, but the young people we’ve worked with over the years have defied this stereotype hands down. Children are the leaders of the future, and we hope that by working with them we can help them to become critical thinkers and caring members of society.

A business plan with a social drive

All the work we do as part of our Youth Engagement Programme is free, and we’d like to keep it that way.

However, to keep ResPoss up and running we do need to get our money from somewhere. The children’s parties give us the opportunity to work with young people on global issues, and at the same time help us generate an income to allow us to carry on with our work.

Why would people want us to organise their children’s party?

Children’s parties actually take a lot of organising and planning. Many parents decide to hire a party company that will do this for them. We found that these companies, as fun as their parties are, do not pay much attention to reducing (unintended) negative consequences from their activities. For example:

The environment

They look so pretty and innocent, but balloons are a nightmare for local wildlife. You won’t find any at a ResPoss kids party!

Balloons, disposable plastic cups, cutlery, and plates, single-use bunting and streamers, plastic straws, and party bags full of plastic and disposable nicknacks, are just some of the items used that are bad for the environment.

Social inclusion

Many activities organised at children’s parties are competitive, inadvertently dividing the children into groups of winners and losers, fast and slow, strong and weak. With this kind of pressure already prevalent at most schools, this is the last thing young people need in their free time. A party is the perfect opportunity for children to learn how to socialise, be kind to each other and include everyone in activities.

Considered interaction

Parties should be fun, of course. But not at any cost. Fun needs to be fun for everyone, including all participants, the surroundings, and its inhabitants (people and animals alike).

Stimulating young minds

Children’s parties often reinforce stereotypes. What if a mad scientist party wasn’t just about making slime, but looked at real life science such as air pollution or climate change? What if a fancy dress party didn’t divide kids up in princess and pirate outfits, but made children think about their costumes and make them with sustainable materials? Young people need their creativity developed and challenged, meaning they need to be exposed things that are new and different, not more of the same. They also deserve to know about real life issues, which can be done in an engaging and fun way, to make them more aware of their world and the role they play in it.

Children’s parties with a conscience

Resolution:Possible’s children’s parties aim to tackle all of the above issues without taking away from the fun! We organise activities that are new, exciting, encourage self confidence, creativity and team work. At the same time we strive to reduce any negative impact on our surroundings as much as possible.

We ran our first ever children’s party and enjoyed every moment. Without giving away too much, this party gave the children the opportunity to become nature detectives after a rigorous recruitment process with the Muddy Crimes Detective Agency. The young participants were tested on skills that we feel are important to creating a better world: team work, trust, observation, and a good sense of humour!

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Left: A ResPoss eco-party bag! Party bags are always great fun and they don’t have to contain lots of disposable plastic or other rubbish. Resolution:Possible can make party bags for you when you hire us to organise your party. Right: The participants of our first party took their role as nature detectives very seriously, including wearing a very effective disguise!

Sound like fun? Get in touch to find out more or to book a Resolution:Possible children’s party now.


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