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Explore your connections to the world.

Resolution:Possible believes the world will be a better place when we understand how we are connected to the seven billion other people who share our planet. Our research is at the heart of all our activities. The research explores global issues, connecting them back to our daily lives. Our findings serve as evidence of our impact on world affairs and are the driving force towards change in thinking and adjustment to lifestyle.

A map showing central and eastern Africa

Our connections

From what we eat to the products we use everyday, everything we own and the choices we make have an impact on someone else somewhere in the world.


Discover how our connections work in a region where our choices have perhaps the biggest impact on other people’s lives – central and eastern Africa.


Browse the Resolution:Possible Library on Pinterst for more information about all the topics covered on our website. You will find the resources we have used for our research here as well as other relevant articles, videos and books we think you will find useful.