President Obama Speaks Out

19 October 2011 | ResolutionPossible

18 October 2011

The US President has been getting a hard time from some camps about his decision to send special forces to assist regional armies in the pursuit of the LRA’s high command. He has been accused of meddling in affairs that don’t concern the US and of wading into another unwelcome war.

For those of us who have been aware of the LRA for more than five minutes, his decision is welcome. Of course, it’s not the end of the story and there are a multitude of issues to consider, but sitting back and allowing more and more innocent people to be kidnapped, murdered, mutilated, raped and forced from their homes while their cries for help go unanswered can no longer be excused.

Read what the President himself has to say about the LRA and why the US is getting involved in this way.

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