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To esure people and planet become a higher priority in everyone’s lives, we take our research and ideas into the world through our Out reach programme. The programme caters to a wide range of groups, from businesses looking to develop their corporate social responsibility, to guest lectures at universities, and social and environment friendly children’s parties.

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Consumers are increasingly demanding ethical, green, and socially conscious business practices. We believe that running a fair company and making a profit are not mutually exclusive. Our consultancy gives your company the opportunity to become a pioneer in sustainable business practices while being a successful business. This will be reflected by the increase in employee and customer satisfaction, brand trust, and profit. You will also be pleasantly surprised by what you could be saving on outgoings.

Our team has collective expertise cultivated from the public, private and non-profit sectors. We have unique insight into the specific needs and challenges of each sector, and see connections and opportunities where others do not.

In the past we have helped companies decrease their negative impact by connecting them to greener companies such as office moves an clear-outs, as well as choosing more efficient, fairer, and greener suppliers.

Our services include

  • Company away days – taking your team away from the office and into the community where you will be positively contributing to the skhsehoiehf, whilst getting your team members into a different setting, as well as learning about impact and how to change it, encouraging behaviour changes to continue back in the workplace. promoting team bonding and introducing.
  • Investigative workshops – understanding why change is needed and exploring how it can be done. We always work in collaboration with the company’s staff, at all levels, to be sure that we fully understand the organisation and ensure implementation throughout the entire company.
  • Research – looking at a company’s ‘lifestyle’ in terms of its office conduct, supply chain and business practices.
  • Action plan – suggestions for lifestyle adjustment within the company.

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Lifestyle changes can be challenging, and are much easier to follow through – and have a bigger impact – if done within a community. We visit schools, youth clubs, universities, organise talks and workshops, and run our very own children’s parties.  Our activities focus on a community’s impact on their local and global surroundings. We then explore ways to adjust a community’s behaviour to address this impact. Topics vary depending on the group we are working with, ensuring they are current and relevant to the participants.


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We work with primary and secondary schools all over the world. Our schools visits can be a one-off workshop to support a subject, or we create a series which includes several visits and a final project at the end of the series. Our schools outreach programme fits into most national curriculums and complements subjects such as geography, history, general studies, PSHE, English, business studies, Theory of Knowledge (TOK), or economics. We also help deliver extracurricular programmes  such as Duke of Edinburgh, CAS (International Baccalaureate), and National Citizen Service (NCS).

Higher education

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We are proud to have collaborated with several universities to deliver our workshops challenging thought, lifestyle, and behaviour. As well as guest lectures and talks, we have participated in university programmes such as the Global Citizenship Programme at University College London (UCL). Many of our research interns and fellows join us after attending one of our talks or having participated in one of our programmes.

Children’s parties

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Resolution:Possible Kinder Kids parties children’s parties bring together good old fashioned fun with a twist: learning how to be kinder to people and planet. You are never too young to learn about your impact and responsibilities to others. It doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom – children are the future and with their energy, creativity, and curiosity we can make real change. We have started running our ‘Kinder Kids’ parties in London, and we’re pleased to say that the parties have been well received by the children and their parents.

Find out more about our first party and what it entailed.

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We provide information on the areas in your life where you can make changes and why. This part of our work is very much participant driven. Participants share their activities, which we call Simple Things. This platform encourages people to participate, provides ideas for further actions and allows for the exchange of information on the underlying issues these actions aim to address.

We also invite individuals to share their thoughts by submitting pieces to our News and Opinion platform (our blog). We believe that access to a wide range of ideas, opinions, and experiences helps us understand each other and brings about exciting and innovative steps to social change.

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