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Resolution:Possible; resolution possible; our work; what we do; research; conversation; learning; communicationAt the core of Resolution: Possible’s work is the firm belief that understanding and acknowledging theĀ interconnectedness of people, environment, politics, economics and social developments will lead to positive change for people and planet. Our work is divided up into several programmes which are all rooted in the idea that in order to create positive change we need to start with ourselves and our direct surroundings, always keeping in mind that these are linked to a wider, global context.


Simple Things

Corporate responsibilities

Our work; Simple Things; resolution possible; resolutionpossibleCSR; balance; profit; ethics; environment; social; responsible; business; company

Change needs to start somewhere. How does your lifestyle affect the world? What changes can you make? Everything you buy, eat, drink, wear, and throw away has been made by someone, somewhere, and is having an impact on people and planet. Learn how to use less, what to avoid, what to use instead. Even something as simple as a smile is part of our strategy to make our world a better place for everyone.We help your company to balance a drive for profit with an ethical conscience. Corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER) is an opportunity for your company to do its bit for people and planet while at the same time reducing operational costs, strengthening team dynamics, and increasing productivity. Get in touch to find out more.


News and opinion platform

Our work; Outreach; resolution possible; resolutionpossible; schools; universities; corporate social responsibility; workshops Our work; Platform; conversation; contribute; opinion; perspectivesĀ 

We work closely with schools and universities to share thoughts and experiences on the state of the world today and what can be our role in working towards positive change. Contact us about the options available to you to get your school, youth club, community group, or university involved with our work.We encourage anyone who has something to say to write for our blog, to comment on any of our social media posts or to come and have their say at one of our live events. We are here to listen to – and learn from – you, to help us think in new ways and open our eyes to new possibilities.




The Resolution:Possible Library

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Our research starts at the point of finding out about a struggle such as conflict, economic injustice, or environmental degradation and we then work our way back to the source. It is this approach that taught us that our own lives are often very closely intertwined to these problems. Our research pages are a rich resource for you to use.Over the years we have compiled a vast array of articles and documentaries on anything ‘ResPoss’. Using Pinterest, feel free to explore our library which contains information on the African Great Lakes Region as well as pressing global topics such as the environment, metals and minerals, or arms trade. You need a Pinterest account to login.


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