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19 August 2014 | ResolutionPossible

2013-12-04 Team ResPoss

Resolution:Possible interns and alumni, December 2013.

In today’s job market, competition is fierce and all of us will sooner or later receive that dreaded email of rejection due to ‘lack of work experience’. Most of us leaving university, school or other education, find themselves in a vicious cycle of needing work experience to get work experience. At ResPoss we have all been there, some of us are still there and some of us are going to be there soon. It is not fun.

We unfortunately all have to go through this rather ‘character building’ stage in our lives. A tiny silver lining is that as a result ResPoss gets the most incredibly talented, passionate, intelligent and committed people participating in our internships.

Through our ‘Meet the interns’ series we wanted our interns and alumni to share their stories with you in their own words and to demonstrate the great variety of backgrounds and experiences our interns have before they join our team. More importantly though, we wanted to share with all of you looking for jobs the many different routes you can take to get there. We hope that this has given the job hunters out there some inspiration and encouragement. Persevere!

Thank you and good luck to our wonderful interns and alumni, we are looking forward to seeing how you will all help shape this world and make it better.

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