Kony 2012 debate on World Have Your Say

9 March 2012 | marijnlizzy

09 March 2012

Jane Bussmann and others involved with anti-LRA campaigning come together in the BBC World Service’s programme World Have Your Say to discuss the impact of the Kony 2012 campaign.

Invisible Children representative Jedidiah Jenkins speaks on behalf of the organisation. Jane Bussmann rightly points out that before Kony 2012 it as been near impossible to get anyone to  be interested in the issues of the LRA. Whatever we may think, the fact that this campaign has everyone talking about it at long, long last is hugely important. She then notes: it would be good to get all these people to now join a ‘Museveni 2012’ campaign. What do you think?

Musa Okwanga, a Ugandan poet living in London: “What I absolutely love is that young people are not stupid, they won’t be spoon-fed and so when they watched the film they actually tweeted me […] saying this is clearly not the full story, and they were asking about governance. And one of the first questions they were asking was: ‘Well why did the Ugandan government allow this to happen for so long?’ […] so if we look at this film as the beginning of a wider conversation and find out what are the next steps for those people angered by this film and to really fill out the context”.

Another worry is that once Joseph Kony is captured, will all the attention fade away? Let’s think of a contingency plan.

Please also listen to the interview towards the end where a general of the UPDF (the Ugandan army) and Jane have a discussion.

Listen to the debate here: Kony 2012 debate on World Have Your Say .


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