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7 March 2012 | marijnlizzy

07 March 2012

Hi everyone!

We have been overwhelmed by the enormous number of responses on our emails and Facebook regarding a film that the American organisation Invisible Children has just brought out called ‘Kony 2012’. If you have not yet seen it, watch Kony 2012 here.

Needless to say, we think it is a wonderful thing that the issue of the LRA is getting so much attention with this campaign. It is a well known fact amongst us anti-LRA campaigners that hardly anyone knows who the LRA are, let alone who Joseph Kony is.

Please bear in mind that this film is very much focused towards a specific campaign action. As such, it is a brilliant tool for raising awareness about Joseph Kony and offers some very practical things people can do to get involved.

Now that people are talking about Kony, it is vital to highlight the full context of the situation surrounding the LRA.

As Resolution:Possible, we advocate putting all the cards on the table, not just a few. We feel that this way is most likely to lead to a just, fair and sustainable resolution to the conflict.

An interesting article to bring to your attention at this point (mind you there are many, so keep checking our Facebook page and resources page) is one that highlights the role of President Museveni of Uganda. As the author of the article rightly notes, we cannot look at Kony without also looking at Museveni. Stop Kony, yes. But don’t stop asking questions.

Please keep your comments, suggestions and offers of support coming, we are so thrilled to hear from so many of you! And also keep doing your own research, nothing beats some healthy critical thinking!

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