Gone to join the Rebellion

12 May 2020 | ResolutionPossible

You may have noticed it has been rather quiet here on the ResPoss website. That doesn’t mean we’re not busy!

ResPoss director and co-founder Marijn van de Geer realised back in May 2018 that the state of the climate and the environment was too catastrophic to be able to continue with ‘business as usual’. She joined Extinction Rebellion and is now in their Media and Messaging team and advocates for a Citizens’ Assembly for Climate and Ecological Justice with the Citizens’ Assembly Working Group.

Watch this interview with Marijn from April 2019 where she explains why she decided to join the Rebellion, and why Resolution:Possible’s methods would have worked once when we had more time to bring about change. However, with the limited time we now have left, the measures we need to deal with what’s to come due to climate change and ecological breakdown need to be more radical. We are forced to become Rebels.

We have kept the Resolution:Possible website open to the public, because we are still getting lots of interest in our research and especially our informative and beautiful infographics. Please do keep browsing our pages and get in touch if you have questions or if you want to use our materials. But please note that we are currently not updating this website.

We hope that soon all governments and decision makers in the world will tell the truth about the disasters that are coming if we do not make radical changes right now. That would mean we can go back to being Resolution:Possible, continue our work, and prepare for a future which will look very different from our lives today. For now, joining Extinction Rebellion feels like the only thing left to do.

Thank you for your support.

Marijn van de Geer
Director and Co-Founder

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