Focus on: Democratic Republic of Congo

3 February 2014 | ResolutionPossible

A map showing DRC's position in AfricaLast year we ran series focusing on the Central African Republic, Minerals, Armed Conflict and Environment, all aiming to introduce you to these topics, highlight key issues and raise questions to encourage us all to engage more thoughtfully. Next up is our Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) series, which complements our pages looking at the history and context of DRC.

Over the course of the series we will look at the legacy of events in DRC’s history including King Leopold and the ‘scramble for Africa’, the Cold War surrounding DRC’s independence movement, the assassination of Patrice Lumumba and more recently the influx of Hutus from Rwanda following the 1994 crisis.

DRC remains a country in crisis, and we will look at the military actors in the region, including MONUSCO’s developing presence and the capabilities of the FARDC (the Congolese national army).  We will also cover the relevance of the mining industry to the current situation in DRC, in particular in relation to Chinese investment.

Through blogs from Resolution:Possible as well as a variety of perspectives from contributors we aim, over the next few weeks, to increase your understanding of the situation in the DRC and your connections to it.


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