Enough Project’s latest LRA report

3 February 2012 | marijnlizzy

03 February 2012

“Ensuring Success: Four Steps Beyond U.S. Troops to End the War with the LRA” is Enough’s latest report with recommendations for the US mission in the LRA affected region.

The report very much supports the military approach which the US and other countries and organisations seem to be in favour of. Among other things, the author, Sasha  Lezhnev, argues for more capable troops and an agreement to let regional troops into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Apart from these recommendations, Lezhnev also makes some worrying observations:

“The LRA has decreased its attacks by two-thirds over the past six months in an effort to reorganize and lie low, but this is not a sign of LRA weakness. It is part of the group’s historical pattern of waiting out military incursions and then launching attacks. If the advisors withdraw prematurely and TTID support is not given, the LRA will likely reemerge and resume its attacks on civilians.”

Read the full Enough report here: Ensuring Success: Four Steps Beyond U.S. Troops to End the War with the LRA.


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