Summer Challenge: #swap3

7 June 2018 | ResolutionPossible

Active Citizenship strand of UCL Global Citizenship, matches students with the available campaigning organisations so that students can be part of campaigns for two weeks, for a more hands-on experience in activism.

Author: Bahar Emirzade

Campaigning with Resolution Possible has been an incredible experience. One thing I never thought of until meeting the ResPoss team was that, how does a campaigner know who to campaign for? Is there any way of telling who is telling the truth or is in need, just by having the knowledge from the news, considering news could be biased? Discussing this with ResPoss was very inspiring since they openly and honestly talk about these issues and their similar past experiences. Their actions to ensure defence for the correct side of the story are: doing their own research and talking to local people regarding the issues before they start a project.

What else I quite enjoyed about ResPoss is that their campaigns focus more on “why” rather than “what” in the sense that, they always explain their reasonings for why they are making a campaign and why you should support it, instead of relying on a sort of “porn” of emotional support, with a crying child in the front page.
In addition to that, I believe, finding more connections and roots to problems, and showing them to the community is way more valuable than just focusing on individual problems and ignoring the roots of it. For their environmental projects, they acknowledge that the roots are political and economic rather than these being standalone problems.

Our campaign: #packsmart, was an idea that we came up with since many people will be going on holiday in the summer, and just the journey to a different country/continent, or even a different city, is not quite the best thing you can do for the Earth. To make up for even just a tiny bit of the carbon footprint left behind by travelling, tourists could pack more green products. Therefore, we decided to make this a challenge for the summer. #swap3 is a challenge where you can swap three products from your suitcase and choose more eco-friendly ones. One hope we have of people doing this challenge just for their holiday, is that they realise it doesn’t require that much effort to be environmentally friendly and continue using these products and be in general more aware of their choices.

We have some suggestions for anyone taking up the challenge, which can be found on our Simple Things page and watch our YouTube video.

Travel green this summer, save the planet and enjoy your summer!



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