About:  History

The beginning

Resolution:Possible‚Äôs founders Lizzy, Marijn and Katherine connected through their common interest in Uganda, particularly in relation to the armed group from the north of the country, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Together we campaigned to raise public awareness and political engagement towards finding an end to the group’s violence.

The wake-up call

During our campaign we were approached by a number of people who disagreed with our position and message. They felt that by focussing our efforts on the LRA, a relatively small group, we risked ignoring and detracting from bigger issues, including the instability of the region, the corruption of its leaders and the role our own countries play.

The pause

It took us time to reconcile this criticism with the personal beliefs embedded by our immersion in the issue. Navigating the new information alongside the readily available information was hard. Eventually, we accepted that we weren’t the experts we thought we were and realised we had to make some choices. Should we just stop altogether? Or was there value in our experiences?

Discovering critical social consciousness

We ultimately concluded that acknowledging our mistakes could help us address the underlying issue: the lack of context provided by single issue campaigns. We wanted to create a space to explore issues from all angles, bringing in perspectives that might otherwise be inconvenient to a campaign looking to amplify its message. We saw the value in providing the opportunity to think critically about the mainstream information we are exposed to.

Our connections

Our experience with campaign work on the LRA issue encouraged us to stretch our critical thinking muscles. Our questions moved away from the ubiquitous ‘how do we stop the LRA?’ to ones seeking to understand the underlying problem. What motivated people to take up arms in the first place? What factors fuelled the conflict across the region? Our discoveries brought the situation much closer to home that we had anticipated: our countries and we ourselves were inextricably linked the problem.

Today’s mission

We embrace the evolutionary nature of our mission. We have the fluidity to listen, learn and adapt while rooted in the belief that understanding our own connections to global issues is the key to finding the best solutions. Resolution:Possible is starting a ripple effect of critical social consciousness to create a peaceful society and a healthy environment. Whether we get there is up to you.

Better understanding: better world.