About:  Acknowledgements

We would like to thank these wonderful people who have contributed to the development of Resolution:Possible throughout the years.

Alicia Turner

Graphic design and creative consultant

Alicia has a strong background in design and layout through her studies in architecture as well as her involvement in creative projects including web design and development at Astudio Architects. When not at work, she experiments with numerous media including oil paint, charcoal, graphite and acrylics to create her art. Alicia has a keen eye for detail and the beauty of everyday life which she eloquently demonstrates with her photography.

She has been a long standing supporter of Resolution:Possible and has helped the company with her much needed creative input, graphic design, advice on layout and content as well as assistance with general spacial awareness.

For this and more, we are truly grateful.


Photography and film
CODOC is a documentary company dedicated to creating spaces for critical thought through media. They aim to help build a culture defined by free expression, equality and creativity.

The founders and directors of CoDoc, Guy Gunaratne, a journalist and filmmaker from London, and Heidi Lindvall, a filmmaker with a human rights MA from Finland, have worked with Resolution:Possible in various capacities, including providing us with images and film footage, involving us with aspect of their documentary Forgive Me Mother and allowing us to use this film as a tool to kick-start conversations throughout our workshops about justice, forgiveness and the role of the media.

Guy and Heidi have been a great support to ResPoss in terms of advice and encouragement as a fellow start-up and of course our shared passion for Africa and seeking truth make them a delight to work with.

Conor Duff

Conor is a HMI Design Consultant with DHS in Dublin, for Automotive and Medical clients. He also works for Shane Holland Design Workshops, Duleek, (Ireland) making award winning Lighting and Furniture products and Sculptural Pieces.

Conor produced illustrations for Resolution:Possible (featured on our homepage), something he developed through storyboarding user interactions and experiences. He has since received commissions from educational architects, event organisers and different business strategy events.

You will find elements of these illustrations throughout the rest of our website as well and we hope to work with Connor again in the future to create more visual ways of displaying our work.

Eleanor Beevor

Researcher (Uganda, Oil)
Eleanor (Nella) first heard of the LRA at a lecture. It has since become her principal research interest; recently graduating with an anthropology degree from University College London, she has conducted fieldwork in northern Uganda and interviewed former LRA personnel for her dissertation. This focused on LRA religious practice, and its relationship to Joseph Kony’s authority. It was on this trip that she met Lizzy in Gulu and joined the Resolution:Possible team. Although Resolution:Possible has expanded its focus since its founding, Nella remains our Uganda, LRA and oil ‘encyclopedia’. She has recently carried out independent research in Hoima, Uganda, and is now studying in the UK.

Neil J Hart

Logo design (original)
Neil writes scripts, poems and books. Neil worked on the original Resolution:Possible logo which eventually evolved into the logo you see today. You can find out more about Neil and his work at neiljhart.com.

Shilpa Mahadevaiah

Business coach
Shilpa is a business coach and specialises as a Strategy and Change Consultant for Small Businesses. She helps new entrepreneurs define success in their business and ensures they have the know-how and confidence to get it. Shilpa is experienced in group facilitation and team coaching through many years working in change management.

Shilpa has been working with Resolution:Possible for several years now to support us in the overwhelming processes a start-up has to go through including the many decisions that have to be made, increasing our own confidence and skills to develop our businesses and at the same time acting as a sounding board and mentor.

Shilpa runs the Hertford Bird Table for Mums; a weekly meeting for mum entrepreneurs.