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What is the problem?

The problem is that we tend to forget what life is about. We are removed from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the people we share this planet with. We no longer see the consequences of our actions.

So what?

So the result is that we take too much, give back too little, and often don’t realise we are destroying our environment, economies and communities.

What do we want?

Resolution:Possible wants to bring back the awareness that everything in our world is connected and that every decision any of us make is important. At Resolution:Possible we want to learn with you about the impact our actions and choices have on people and planet and together we want to explore how we can prevent this impact from being a negative one to the best of our abilities .

Our thinking

Critical social consciousness is a term we use to describe an attitude that encompasses caring about what is happening around you in the world, whilst always being aware that your actions, even ‘good deeds’, may have implications you did not necessarily anticipate. It is with this attitude that we approach everything we do.


We believe this is the way to secure a tolerant, respectful, fair and balanced world for everyone.