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What is Resolution:Possible?

Resolution:Possible is a research company with at its core the aim to increase social responsibility and engagement by exploring connections between people’s lifestyles and what is happening around the world.

What we want to do

We work towards a world where everyone is engaged with what is happening around us. We help you understand your place within the context of wider global events. We aim to bring back the sense of responsibility in each of us to our fellow human beings and our local and global environment by helping you understand the implications of your actions on the wider world.

Our thinking

Critical social consciousness is a term we use to describe an attitude that encompasses caring about what is happening around you in the world, whilst always being aware that our actions, even ‘good deeds’, may have implications we did not necessarily anticipate. It is with this attitude that we approach everything we do.


We believe this is the right way to secure a tolerant, respectful, fair and balanced world for everyone.